With a team of 28 puerto ricans joined by our local brothers and sisters, we built a two bedroom house for Lidubina Palma and her family. In eight days.

Three years ago Lidubina moved to the San Fernando community following a calling to serve them. As pastor of the community's small church, Lidubina has not only been their spiritual leader, but a loved servant of the whole community. She has served as the primary contact for the SoloHope nonprofit in the area, helping them sell the community's crafts in the states and developing an education program in the church that teaches english and vocational training.

She lived in a small bedroom for three years, and for all that time she prayed for her own home. We feel privileged to have been a part of the answer to that prayer.


Besides building Lidubina's home from scratch, we also expanded another home, giving it a cement floor and adding a concrete bathroom and kitchen. We also did a survey to know the community's needs for future trips.


  • Trips are 10 days long.
  • We offer a low cost travel, lodging and meals package
  • Since we're focusing our efforts on Puerto Rico at the moment, this project will resume in the future

We delivered hygene products to 400 inmates at the La Esperanza prison.


75 children participated in our summer camp. We played, taught and did crafts.


School supply packets containing coloring books, pencils, glue and notebooks to 100 children.



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