Most indigenous communities in by the Amazon River lack access to clean water to drink. Dirty water is the cause of more than 50% of diseases in children.

After a 4 year effort, more than 50 volunteers, thousands of dollars in donations, 6 sick teammates and 3 sacrificed scorpions, our Amazon project bears fruit. Back in the Colombian jungle is a community of 350 people we love, who are getting 7,000 liters of clean water every day.


Water treatment plant

Our plant takes water from the Amazon River and outputs water that is 99% purified. It produced 7,000 liters a day, which is more than enough for their drinking and cooking needs.



Before, tikuna mothers walked 20-30 minutes to get dirty water. The 2015 volunteer group added 6 access points across the village to reduce that time to 5-8 minutes.



We delivered school and hygiene supplies for more than 100 kids in El Progreso. We also had daily classes and activities for the children.

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